How can I find a person in Telegram?

    When you install the Telegram application on your smartphone, in the automatic mode, the application creates a list of contacts, based on phone numbers from your smartphone. Only contacts that are already registered in this application are added. 
    You can check the list of contacts by going to the "Applications" section of the application directory, all people who already have an account in Telegram are displayed here. In addition, here you can add a new contact, which is also registered in Telegram, but you did not find his or her in the contact list. If you are using a smartphone, then in the Contacts section in the upper right corner you can see the + button, clicking on it, a window will appear where you have to enter the contact's first and last name, as well as his phone number. After entering all the data, if you have correctly specified, the contact will be automatically added immediately. Or you also can do this by adding a contact phone number to the contact book of your smartphone. If you go back to the Telegram, you can find it among the contacts under the name that you signed in the contact book of the phone.
   Remember that you also can use the Web version of Telegram on the website to find your friends and start communicating with them quickly, fun and securely. Then you do not have to spend extra money and time to download the Telegram application. 

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