How can I log in Telegram?

Registering in Telegram is a quick and easy procedure that does not require any other data than the name of the country where you live and your active mobile phone number. Usually registration takes only a couple of minutes! To do this, you will need: a smartphone / computer / laptop / tablet with an Internet connection, an active number and the Telegram application. 
When you open the application, you will see a window with the button "Start messaging", by clicking on it, the following window opens, where in the 1st line you need to select your country, and in the 2nd one write down the number of your mobile phone with the code. After that, a message with your 5-digit code will come to your phone, which you need to enter into the line called "Code". In the opened window there will be 2 lines, in 1 of which under the name "First name (required)" you need to enter your name, and in the 2nd line called "Last name (optional)" - your surname. That's ready! Now you are officially registered in the Telegram! Congratulations! 
You also can use your account in Telegram by the web version of it on the website

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