What is Web Telegram?

Webtelegram.us or simply Web Telegram is an online version of Telegram, which is currently supported by all modern browsers. The online telegram server is located in several data centers, which reliably protect all traffic through the MTProto protocol and include text messages and transmitted photo, audio and video files. Using Web telegram is convenient on any device, as it has several design options for different devices, including mobile devices.

Features of Web version of Telegram:

  - Your phone number is used as a login in Web Telegram. At each entrance a one-time password is sent to your number.
  - Web Telegram supports simultaneous input on several devices. In this plan, there are no restrictions on the number of sessions.
  - Provides a conditionally unlimited size of messages and attachments up to 2 gigabytes, as well as the ability to send large video and audio files and other formats.
    - Web version of telegram supports the technology of downloading files after a communication failure.
   - The technology of this version of Telegram supports the simultaneous synchronization of messages between all devices where the Telegram is installed, to which you entered under your login. This allows you to open access to messages from all devices at once. Once you type the text on the phone on your other devices with online telegrams, you will be notified that you are typing text.
    - In this version of the telegram, unlike other messengers, it is possible to delete your sent and received messages. This makes it possible to hide your messages from the interlocutor if they found this text superfluous.
   - Web telegram consume a very low level of traffic, but it works at a fairly high speed.
   - Thanks to the MTProto technology in Web telegram, all messages are successfully encrypted and transmitted over a secure https protocol.
   - In addition, the web version of the telegrams has convenient tabs in the menu that sort your list of contacts: By interlocutors, by groups, by bots and separately by channels into telegram to which you are subscribed.
   - Another novelty of the web version of telegram is a separate tab "Online", allowing you to see those contacts that are online at the moment.

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