Can I restore my account to my old contacts if my phone number is lost?

Recovery with a lost SIM card 

 Telegram question: As how to restore your account in telegram without a SIM card, keeping all contacts, and whether this action is possible?
To do this, follow the 2 steps:

Write a message asking for help in the feedback (Settings - Support - Ask a question) - administrators will protect the profile while the phone number is being replaced (usually an immediate freeze of the account, recovery is possible at any time);
Contact your mobile operator. If you lost the Sim card, you need to block it and activate a new one with the same number, because the telegram account is attached to the subscriber's phone number.

In the event that you can not restore the phone number to which your account is linked, remember that when you change the phone number, the previous account will not be able to be restored - and you will have to register again. It is recommended that you do this only if you can not recover the lost phone number.
If you have any questions, you can leave them in the FeedBack tab

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