Is the history of chat deleted when the account is deleted at the recipient of the message in the online telegram?

Telegram question: You deleted your telegram account, but forgot to clear the history of the correspondence. Then the question arises whether the correspondence remained.

Answer - Yes, it remains. In order for the recipient to not have a history of correspondence with you, you need to clear it manually.

Any correspondence in the application is stored on the Telegram servers in Dubai. You do not have to worry, it's encrypted, and the encryption keys are in a different location. But many fear that their history can be observed by intruders, how can they do it? Now the method of interception of the activation code is popular, which is transmitted via SMS via a mobile operator. But it does not help them decipher the information.

 Chat History in Telegrams

It is not recommended to write something very personal. If you did, and now you want to hide this information, you can clear it. How to do it in the Telegram?

Call up the menu by holding your finger on a specific chat / group;
Select "Clear history";
There is an easier way to delete the chat.
However, these actions will lead to the fact that the information will be deleted only from you, and it will not be possible to restore it.


Therefore, if you do not want to delete each message, it's best to use a secret chat.

Do you want complete secrecy of information? Use secret chat.

Let's analyze the pros and cons of a secret chat:

  • All SMS correspondence is with you and your interlocutor, they do not transfer the telegram to the server;
  • The encryption keys are stored by you;
  • You can delete any SMS and it will disappear from your interlocutor. Using the same function as "Clear history", the history of communication is removed from both, without a way to restore it;
  • The chat is created for a maximum of 2 users and only on the phone;
  • Messages with self-destruct timer, which can be specified in the chat settings.
  • You can save the information only with the help of a screenshot, after which you will see a notification in your chat (but not in the chat room of the interlocutor).

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