What if I have been blocked in a telegram?

Telegram question: If you send messages, but they are not delivered and you don't see the photos of users and the time of their last entry into the telegram. This means that you have been blocked.

In the messenger telegram, there is a function to banish a user account. Having entered into the profile and pressing the lock button, the person who wrote to you the first will no longer be able to write to you or call through the Telegram. In the settings you can see your black list of blocked accounts. Here you can see who you have added to your black list. But you can not find out who blocked you.

Usually the lock is issued for several weeks, and can be delayed for a month or forever.

Before you say that you have been blocked, try this:

• Create a 2 account and write an SMS from both accounts, as well as see the time of the last visit of the user

• If the data does not match, your account has indeed been blocked.

What can you do in this situation? Read the article about how to unlock the telegram account

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