How to register in the telegram if the antivirus blocks all attempts?

 Telegrams messenger - a very popular service, but it is popular because it is incredibly simple and easy to use. Yes, and the registration in it is the simplest, it is enough to indicate the phone number and confirm by entering the confirmation code that came in the SMS message.

But sometimes many users can not do this either, because there are many different mistakes (an article about errors when registering an account in telegrams).

For example, the question came: "I do not know what to do, my antivirus on the phone blocked the incoming call from the" Telegrams "when registering. After that, I tried to ask for anew a verification code or a call, both on the PC and on the Phone, but all in vain".

To begin with, you will need to uninstall your antivirus, then reboot the device and try logging again a little later. Now ask for the confirmation code in the form of a text message, not a call. About how to properly register an account in a telegram can read in the article about registration. If this does not help, then try again using another device.
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