How do I remove a lock my account in the telegram?

Telegram question: "How do i remove a lock my account?"

Many users have repeatedly been in the spam - blocking his account Telegrams - temporary or lifelong.

For the first time faced with this, you can get off the temporary blocking, if you did something very bad for what they filed a complaint, your account can be locked for life. The temporary account block is set for a week. You can learn about your spam from the telegrams of the robot "SpamBot".

  • First, find @SpamBot in the telegram.
  • Start the bot by clicking on "Start".
In the conversation window you will see information about the time limit for removing restrictions from your account.
If you get spam, you can:

  • Wait for the day indicated in the chat with the bot.
  • Try to prove your innocence to the bot.

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