I can't remember my account password

Telegram question: "I set the password, forgot it, try to recover it does not work." Outputs the inscription that this is impossible due to the fact that there is no mail. What should I do? "

And so, there are 2 types of passwords in the online telegram: the application's password-code and the cloud password, the one that is associated with e-mail. Code-password application - the password for the application itself. It does not specify e-mail, so consider the type of password.

Cloud password will need to be entered at the entrance to the telegram account from the new device in addition to the SMS confirmation. To configure the cloud password, you need to go to Settings - configure two-step verification. The configuration includes the creation of a password and its confirmation, as well as an e-mail for recovery. The option is possible without specifying the mail, as the user of our site did.
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    my number(+989154749522)

     is invalid and i can not connect and read a code
    please send cod to my gmail