does it exist another input to the telegram?

Telegram question: "does it exist another way to log into your telegram account?"

  Yes, it is possible. There are browser versions of Messenger telegrams, the so-called online telegrams or web telegrams.

Log in web telegrams is exactly the same as in the application.

Features of Web Telegram:
  • Forget about downloading the program, because just one browser is enough.
  • Fast and easy registration using the phone number.
  • Very good data encryption.
  • High speed of information reception and return.
  • Create group chats, with the number of participants up to 5000 people at a time.
  • Equally well works in any browser.
  • Synchronize with all devices that have the installed version.

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    i can't log in to telegram, because i sale my phone and number. What do I need do to return it?