I can not enter the telegram, what can I do?

Telegram question: "I can not enter the telegram, what can I do?"

Recently, most telegram users get errors or problems when trying to sign in to their account. It is necessary to know that mistakes are different, each has its own structure and purpose. You need to be able to distinguish them in order to quickly solve the problem and resume the app. Today you will learn about the most errors in the web Telegram
As we noted earlier, before we deal with a problem or error, we need to distinguish between them.

 So, conditionally we can divide all problems into Telegrams into 3 main categories:
1. Error notification. Problems of this type are most easily solved, since the Telegram application, giving an error notification, indicates the cause of the problem in the form of text or numeric code.
2. Failure to launch a Messenger. There are 2 main reasons why the app refuses to start: either the technical work on the Telegram server or the app was not installed correctly.
3. Failure in the work telegram app. This can be completely incomprehensible errors, in which the app does not work correctly, or gives some kind of failure during its operation.

The most popular error notifications of text codes in the Telegram messenger, they are called Internal problems:


Notify about the error.
The most common error messages in the form of numeric codes in the Telegram messenger are:
Error 303 - Incorrect data processing while working with API(Application Programming Interface)
Error 400/401/403 Inside failures
Error 500Failures in the telegram server.

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