Where is the code activation telegrams?

 Telegram question: What is the code activation in online telegram and where is he?

If you think that the activation code is stored in the United States, New York or anywhere, then you are mistaken. He is on telegram servers in Europe. The activation code in the telegram is something like a one-time password that you will need in these cases:
  • Register telegram account
  • To enter a telegram, if the last session of use has been log out
  • Entering the telegram using a new device
  • To change your telefon number, which was the channel binding
  • To destroy the account in web telegram
Why do we need an activation code?
The activation code is needed to confirm login by the user to the online telegram or usualy telegram app. The activation code comes in the SMS to your phone whose number you was tied to the telegram account at registration. It can also be used when you you will destroy the telegram account.

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